.K.I.N.G. WhiteKnight

Stick Arena

How I Started.......

I first heard about stick arena on myspace and on xgenstudios.com itself. I join stick arena on the 2nd day it started since I miss the first day.My first account was GodFather57.I suck when I first play stick arena and kept trying.I play on godfather57 for a while and stood in paper thin city server since I had my friends there.After a month or two, Compatiblity Server came out.The server was for slow users on laggy computers.I started to play there because I could had made it my server since I never lagg and it had a few people there.So as I was playing there I notice the server was slower itself, meaning the players were slow and it took some time.I relized that if you play a slower game you can own more in faster servers because a slower server will build your aiming, once you get to get to fast server you can aim like a master.

How my clan The Knights Started.......

The Knight's Clan was introduce to stick arena, when compatilbity server came out.I turn into WhiteKnight.(I don't want to say my first knight account because the password was very simple.Rank 8 btw.) I started the clan and had only 4 members in paper thin because they did not come to C server.Thier names were Me, BoneCrusher66, ..Fade.Away.. , and I forgot the other one.So Since I move to c server I drop that old clan to start a new clan with Jmolina.(A legend).He was rank 5 at the time but is now rank 10.Jmolina help me make the first website which is www.freewebs.com/knightown , then I recruited 100s.I had 231 members to be exact , since they started to grow more, back then.The members were on 24/7 because I met someone at 1:00 am and he made his own knight clan which had a different site (site was deleted) and it was mostly players on at 1am - 6am.

Cornerning - Cornering is simple.All you do is get torwards the wall and shoot at the corner.Keep shooting at the person, now wait until he is out the corner alittle if he is cornering .You should see him like this:


Rules - There are some rules in stick arena that may cause some problems because some players are too new.Here are some rules:

No Free Kills&No fks) - Which means don't kill someone without a weapon.(fks) means to kill someone no matter what.

No Camping - Which means you can't stay in one spot for a long time.
No Hacking - Which means no cheat codes and stuff.
No Glitching - Which means no going into walls by acciendent.
Clan Tips - To start your own clan, you should atleast do the following:

Get Experience in the game itself ( you can't start a clan if you don't know the game too well)
Pick a server and name ( to idenifity your members and your own clan)
Tryouts (Host lots of tryouts and make sure your clan does too)
Website ( Have a website and/or a forum so your members can know your status)
And you should be good from there.The more exp. you are at leadership the better members you get and friends you get.

More Coming Soon!!!

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